March 16, 2014


They twist and turn,
The poor things… stretching their morals while their souls slowly burn.
Who are they? Quite easy to know,
They’re the ones always struggling to be in the front row,
They’re the people who always annoy and bother
The stupid ones who make the rest go “Oh, brother!”

Big-shots and smartasses … all of them,
You try and help but they go “Ahem!”;
“I know what I am and it’s better this way”,
“You are useless! Get out of my way!”
So they go on doing their thing,
And all of a sudden they’re trapped in a misery ring.

“Help me!” they shout,
“Hurry up!” they yell, ordering us with no shame,
“Faster, stupid!” like we were to blame.
And what do we do? We pull them out.
“What took you so long?” is their reply,
Not “Sorry. I was lucky you were passing by”;
Not “Sorry. I was a douche”,
Making you think that into the hole you should him or her push.
But you don’t because you are better,
And also knowing that they’ll sink into their own feces pit later.

By Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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