His and He’s

May 4, 2016

his he's

Sometimes it is possible to know the meaning of a word, to use it properly in a given context, yet to spell it wrong if the word we wrote had a different meaning from the one we uttered. Let us take a simple example, a pair of homophones used quite often in a conversation: his and he’s. Remember the meaning and the roles of these words and you will know when to use them.

His” is a possessive adjective, found in front of a noun (This is his car. – mașina lui). Or it is a possessive pronoun (The car is his. – a lui). The word shows that something belongs to/ is somehow linked to a boy or a man.

He’s” is made out of two words, a pronoun and a verb. Depending on what we wish to say, we have:

He is – el este: He’s a kind man.

He has (got) – el are: He’s got a deep voice.

by Elena Atudosiei

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