October 25, 2015

eleftheria elitere

I watch the seagulls floating on the orange background

far from the sleepy Greek shore

and the fiery rose Aphrodite threw into the glassy waves disappears fast…

Why do I love this place?

Why does it make me long for something new, something I have no idea about?…

I hear Greek sentences all around me and they’re killing me softly like an unborn passion.

I want to break free from the chains I created so many years ago,

for I begin to wonder… what did they bring me?

Sometimes they made me feel comfortable with myself in a pleasant solitude that I still rejoice,

yet my heart is longing for more and it doesn’t have to be something big,

but a frail impulse to be more confident and to breathe the smell of freedom.

Change is hard, but there comes a time when it’s so necessary,

as if you’re throwing your old stuff away, just to have more space for yourself

and to leave behind the burden of the past that kept you from flying towards your dreams;

just listen to this beautiful and melodious Greek word that means freedom:


Image source: Wallconvert

by Alina Andreea Cătărău

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