Cosmic Field Trip

December 17, 2014


From stardust we’re made,
Forged in the heart of star with a fiery blade,
Blasted across light-years with radiation,
With asteroids run in collision,
Through the depths of gas giants,
To the surface of dark, cold, lifeless planets;
Pulled and stretched on black hole edges,
Torn asunder in the war faring cosmic trenches,
Put back together and thrown through wormholes,
Reached places where abstract were our basic physics laws,
And sent back at such a speed where even a god could not control its bowels.
So… here we are… us human beings.
Here we are, pitiful and selfish fiends.
Egocentric and self-righteous,
Meaningless in our worthless trifles,
Blind to the wonder that we even came to be,
After millennia of life developing we don’t want to see,
We don’t want to acknowledge that we are,
In this planet’s history, in the unfolding universe, just another evolutionary scar.

by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

Image source: hewoldok

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