Cosmic Field Trip V

November 21, 2017

A rose made of galaxies

Our Inner Cosmos

Take a deep breath!
Gather your wits and all of your strength.
Are you prepared?
Be sure, for once you take this journey, your heart at breakneck speeds will be propelled.
Yes? Fine then.
Grab a mirror from your den,
Hold it up to your face and prepare for the leap.
The learning curve is very, very steep…
For your eyes are the doors to endless universes,
Universal slingshots which’ll drag you through incomprehensible events,
Micro and macro revolutions,
Insignificant and life changing resolutions,
Planets devoured by moral pollution,
Impossible worlds, improbable civilizations,
Uncountable horrors and wonders,
Unfathomable joys creating stars of tears,
Insane crimes and maladies birthing oceans of flames.

Are you still with me? Still sane?
Doesn’t matter… here come exploding stars,
Blue and Red Giants the size of small galaxies,
Binary stars and black holes stuck in their destructive habits,
Asteroids piercing fully populated lands,
Comets bringing new life to wastelands.
Realities shift and bend…
Stop yelling for there’s no hand to lend!
Plus… you’ve made it this far.

Take a breather!

Good! Now let’s go further!
Galaxies collide,
Gas giants ignite,
New shapes take new roots
New songs sung by cosmic flutes,
New minds think new orders,
New empires expand their borders,
Ages of enlightenment flare and burn out,
New galactic tyrants come about,
Persecute and end as the persecuted,
The judges now the executed,
Struggling to justify their cruelties,
Accusing conspirators when there’s none but their own insecurities.

Feels like you’ve been away for long, doesn’t it?
No, relax…. count to three and snap out of it.
Blink and you’ll be back to a place of your own,
Take another breath and be sure that you are not alone,
You haven’t seen heaven, nor hell,
You haven’t died, no sin for which to atone.
We’re all travellers like yourself,
It’s just that sometimes we forget to really gaze in the mirror from our shelf
Numbed by routine and crunching numbers…
Amnesiacs when it comes to the marvel of our inner cosmos.

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by Vlad-Ovidiu Adam

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