An Imaginary Letter to Charles Dickens

July 26, 2014


Dear sir,

I heard that you are fond of correspondence,
therefore I took the liberty of sending you this letter from the future,
written in the shape of a poem.

Even though Emily Brontë taught me that everyone pays for one’s errors
and Charlotte showed through Jane Eyre
that women can be strong and independent in times of hardship,
one of your novels is dearer to my heart
than the works of those talented ladies.
The novel that triggered so many strong feelings
and longing for the nearest and dearest I have lost
is also your favourite child – the story of little David,
who worked hard in the wine-house and was humiliated by so many people;
a harsh episode inspired from your early life.
While reading David Copperfield I realised
how realistic death, wickedness and poverty could be within a book,
but also that guardians and true friends are priceless people
who helped the protagonist survive.

I won’t detain you any longer from your scrupulous work, dear sir,
I will only add that I am looking forward to visiting your house, on Doughty Street,
but, unfortunately, you won’t be there to show me around;
however, you need to know that people haven’t forgotten you
and children are still reading your wonderful books.

That being said, I will end my letter here.
I prithee to forgive me for interrupting you from that well-crafted novel you were writing.

Yours sincerely,

A devotee from Eastern Europe

by Alina Andreea Cătărău


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