A Family

December 25, 2014

a family noexis

You cannot compare.
You cannot correlate yourselves with the people,
These people,
That my heart holds dear.
You are not what they are,
Nobody is, but they are.
A family, I mean.
People to hold and love you with every fiber.
What they are is what I require.
It is not a desire, but a need,
A seed that grows in my soul,
That tears at my seams.
I cherish how they are with me.
Not by convenience, but by need
Both of heart and mind,
The body being of an expressive kind.
I want a family.
I need a family.
This you cannot give me,
Not in the morning, even lesser in the evening.
All I need is a family,
But to have it, I never can.
The ability to run and hide inside of that clam
When the sharks arrive.
Instead, you are all the sharks.
Those sharks that live inside of my inexistent clam.
For I have no family, no place to hold
In those days when life doesn’t makes me feel bold.
Or when a doze of love I need to get ahold.
I cannot have it with you.
Love seems inexistent in your current parental vow.
Dry, painful and utterly shattering.
That is my state with what you think is “Love and parenting”.
Empty and broken I felt.
In the beginnings of dark days I wept.
But then, they came!
My saviors from these dark and burning flames,
Healing my burned and unkept heart,
Nurturing to contentment.
Fostered in their bosom of tenderness,
My soul is complete.
With them you cannot compare,
Do not even dare to compete.
For my love for this family is so pure and bare,
I chose their sweet warmth to your bitter winter streak.
And although my feelings for them are unrolled and literally there,
You sincerely don’t seem to care.

by Noexis M. Llanos

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5 Responses to A Family

  1. Vlad-Ovidiu Adam on January 11, 2015 at 8:26 am

    In this festival of rust we call life,
    When so much pulls at you, tries to bring you down with so much force and strife.
    Your family, your friends
    Are a gift and a force that keeps on giving and nver ends.

    Your family, your friends
    A bliss so priceless
    A force so relentless
    A will that never bends

    Your friends, your family,
    Are there to help you,
    At your lowest with the speed of light they lift you,
    At your highest they will rejoice
    At your highest, they will kick you,
    Reminding that complacency should not, cannot, be a choice;
    At your worst they will throw a stick,
    Put a pie in your face,
    Trip you and yet you’ll have a smile on your face,
    A reason to laugh as misery takes its leave, the stupid prick.

    • Noexis Llanos on January 11, 2015 at 5:25 pm

      Vlad, you’re such a nice little idiot creature. :D! Thank you for that. Seriously, got yourself a fan from the other side of the world.

      Keep it up, kiddo! 😛

      • Elena Atudosiei on January 11, 2015 at 5:28 pm

        Oh, I love that description for him! :)) He really is one of the nicest people you could meet. Adorkable, as I sometimes like to say, and a wonderful friend 🙂

        • Noexis Llanos on January 12, 2015 at 2:29 am

          Well, he is your friend. He better be nice and well-mannered if he were to survive with you 😛

          • Vlad-Ovidiu Adam on January 12, 2015 at 8:53 am

            Kiddo?! :)). Are you an old lady and me a toddler ? :-p Last time I checked i was 25 buuuut…i can be childish at times so :-p. Idiot? Idiot? who you callin me an idi…is that chocolate..nevermind :)). Adorkable? That’s interesting :))

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